I called Dr. Serle because my blood pressure was high for 4 months and because I have a family history of diabetes. My regular doctor told me I need to eat better and exercise or he was going to put me on blood pressure medicine, and then I was given a piece of paper with a list of foods that were supposedly considered healthy. Then, I was told, “see you next month and good luck”. I was pretty upset and confused in what I should do. Should I buy a diet book and do this on my own or should I make an appt. to see a nutritionist? Well, I was fortunate to find Dr. Serle online. After reading his resume and reading a few testimonials, I decide to call Dr. Serle. We spoke for about 20 minutes, after that he had me fill out a few online forms with a lot of medical health questions and then Dr. Serle ordered a Blood test that was much more extensive than what my regular doctor ordered. And, Boy! Did it show a lot, I was in Pre-diabetes stage and my cholesterol was very high. Dr. Serle quickly designed a health program just for me, which was not hard to follow especially since he was coaching me thru it. Dr. Serle would call me once a week: to give me a recipe, to give me advice of how to cook or eat something, to explain why I should eat or not eat a certain food, or he would just call to motivate me toward achieving my health goals. Dr. Serle is a gem. After 8 weeks, my blood pressure was normal and my follow-up blood test results were All Normal and I only exercised twice a week. And after 5 months, my lab scores and blood pressure are still normal. Thanks Dr. SerIe for personalizing my health! I feel like a million bucks!
Posted By: Jessica West
Retired, San Marco
Dr. Serle and Functional medicine works! The proof was in my blood scores. My cholesterol level went down 85 points and my blood sugar is now normal. I lost 35 pounds in 10 weeks and my blood pressure is consistently 131/82. My cardiologist was amazed. He no longer thinks I need blood pressure medication. I gave him Dr. Serle's phone number so he can refer his patients that are motivated like I was to make a change without drugs. Great stuff! Thank You
Posted By: Mike T
Business owner, St. Augustine, Fl
Incredible! Dr. Serle consulted with me for over 2 hours. He is so thorough and a great listener. He came to my home and showed me how my environment and food was playing a role in my day-to-day health. The name, Personalized Health is so fitting, for the in depth personalized attention that he gave me. He’s a great doctor and knows his stuff. My sister just made an appointment for a functional medicine consult; I know Dr. Serle will be a blessing to her. My sister has been suffering with diabetes for many years. I will keep you updated on her progress. ☺
Posted By: Mrs. Zimmerman
Ponte Vedra
After 2 months on Dr. Serle's program with diet suggestions and natural supplements, I have begun to feel like a brand new person with supercharged energy and an optimistic attitude toward my health and life! I'm 65 but I feel like I'm 32 years old! I love the collagen protein drink, I have one everyday for breakfast. It taste so good!! Dr. Serle is the best!
Posted By: Melisaa Rowan
Jacksonville, Florida
I'm doing so much better. I've lost twenty pounds and blood pressure level is currently in normal range. Thank You!
Posted By: R.G.
Financial Investor, Jacksonville
I've read many diet books and tried many diet programs. Dr. Serle's Detox diet is by far the best. I lost the most weight under his program and have maintain my weight for 5 months! His guidance is indispensable.
Posted By: Debbie
full-time mother, Jax Beach
My hormones are finally balanced!! I feel wonderful! No more anxiety, depression, fatigue, bloating, hot flashes or irritability. And I lost 20 pounds in 2 months. My only regret, I should've saw Dr. Serle much sooner. I've treated with many so called "medical specialist" and they all had the same approach of just dispensing a synthetic hormone or a bio-identical hormone; the results were always short-lived. Dr. Serle's approach was much deeper. He showed me how to reduced my stress level, he informed me I was allergic to certain foods, he changed my diet so my liver and my digestive system worked better, he designed a exercise plan for me, he advised me that some of my beauty products disrupted my hormones, he prescribed liquid formula supplements, he me gave easy quick recipes to follow, he called me out of the blue to see how I was feeling and he spoke to my primary physician after 2 months to lower the dosage of medication I was taking (note, after 4 months, I was completely off all Meds!! and still off to this day). Dr. Serle goes well beyond the typical approach of just passing out medication. He's a life changer.
Posted By: Jessica S.
Banker, St. Augustine
First off, thanks for your support and response. I know you're busy 24/7, with all the needs of the people like me, who need help. I’m in total support of you and what you do. I think your views about health are so uplifting and "right-on time". So keep up the good work, the products first hand are the best.
Posted By: Lana, Mitchell 43
Tampa, Florida
Thank you so much. It has been day 6 for me so far and I have noticed my high blood sugars dropping. My blood sugar is lower than it has been in more than 5 years. I have so much more energy and feel fantastic. Thank you Dr. Serle.
Posted By: John, D
Atlanta, Georgia
Thanks Dr Serle!
I felt new on the inside and out. My skin cleared up, I lost about 10 lbs. , including my embarrassing spare tire. Plus my cravings for sweet foods disappeared and I had more energy than ever before. I love recommending Dr. Serle and his team to all my friends and clients.

Posted By: Keisha Watkins
St Augustine, Fl

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