Dr. Serle has helped my overall health. My restless leg syndrome is gone. I have more energy and I have lost weight. My Chronic Fatigue has improved so much I can work a full day in a very active job. I would highly recommend Dr. Serle.
Posted By: Debra F.
“Dr. Serle is a board certified functional medicine doctor (difficult to find in northeast Florida!)
He is very knowledgeable about the science of the body and how it is impacted by stress and illness. Dr. Serle recommended comprehensive blood work for diagnosis and provided education and nutritional supplements as components of a healing process. Dr. Serle treats health issues with an approach very different from traditional medicine. What a refreshing change!”
Posted By: Leslie V.
I’ve been to two other so called Functional Medicine doctors and received very little help. So when my friend told me about Dr. Serle, I was not interested until my friend showed me all the things he was doing for her so I made appointment. Another factor was, Dr. Serle is a Board Certified Functional Medicine Doctor (the only one in North Florida). After consulting with Dr. Serle for a 90 minutes, he ordered an advanced immune test, an amino acid test, food chemical sensitivity test, and a viral test. It turns out I have Epstein Barr Virus, finally someone figured out why I’m so tired…the 2 other doctor thought it was my thyroid. After two months under Dr. Serle’s care, my energy was thru the roof. My entire family is grateful! I have enough energy for my kids after school and plenty left for my husband at night! Dr. Serle is a lifesaver and family saver! Mrs. Hess
Posted By: Mrs. Hess
Palm Coast
Dr. Serle is amazing! He ordered a comprehensive blood test, a genetic test, and some advancing lab testing to find out more about my nutritional deficiencies and about my immune system to reduce my symptoms of Lupus. He put together a three-month health plan, which he walked me through the entire program. We met every week to make sure I would receive optimal results. It’s been 7 months and I feel wonderful, no symptoms, I can surf again at age 50! Anyone who has an autoimmune condition should definitely see Dr. Serle! Shirley Rush
Posted By: Mrs. Rush
For 10 years, I suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis, with very little success from prescription drugs. After 4 months under Dr. Serle’s Autoimmune program, I have very little symptoms and no side affects. Thank you Dr. Serle for educating me. I now understand what inflammation is and how I can control it …you’re a true healer!
Mrs. Blum
Posted By: Mrs. Blum
Dr. Serle has been truly a blessing in dampening my Crohn’s disease, when other doctors had no answers but unsuccessful drugs. Dr. Serle found out all my triggers by performing a comprehensive Food Sensitive Test, and an extensive digestive lab test. With Dr. Serle's treatment, I went from having constant digestive issues to rarely having a gut issue.
Posted By: Andy J
Being a nurse for 30 years, I know all the good doctors in Florida. Dr. Serle is superior to all of them, because he is well versed in both worlds of medicine- traditional and alternative
Posted By: Mrs. Johnson
RN, Jacksonville, Florida
Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism does not control me any more; I control it!!! I’m off all synthetic thyroid drugs and bio-identical hormones. Twice, all my lab tests came back normal and now I finally feel like the normal me.
Posted By: Kim Lee
For 10 years, I’ve suffered from Rheumatoid Arthritis, the first couple of years I had mild pain and swelling but as time progressed, it just got worse, and for the last 2 years the pain became unbearable and forced me to be bounded to a wheelchair. My primary doctor and Rheumatologist, both whom I really like, didn’t have any answers except for prescribing pain medication and steroids, which helped in the beginning but now weren’t working and were causing me to have other health issues. A friend of mine, who has Lupus, told me she was having great results with Dr. Serle, so I made appointment. And thank God! After being under Dr. Serle’s Anti-Inflammatory program for 4 months, I can walk (no more wheelchair); I can even kick the soccer ball with my grandson!
Posted By: Susan Cane
Jax Beach
For about 12 years I have been trying to figure out what was happening to me. I've gone to my primary care physician, specialists and more specialists. Each one was interested in only their small specialty area. No one was looking at me as a complete person and when I suggested that all my symptoms were related somehow, I was either ignored or made to feel like I was crazy. I found myself very hopeless not knowing where to go for help but knowing that I desperately needed help.

I got a new doctor at a practice that I have been going to for years and after hearing my story suggested I find a functional medical doctor. So I found Dr. Serle. Dr. Serle did an extensive history, blood work, gathered other medical info from my other doctors. He reviewed it all in order to come up with a personal plan for me. I've never had this type of experience with a Dr. He listened well, heard my issues and came up with a plan. He didn't think I was crazy and in fact the first thing he said to me was "let me show you how all these issues are related." After being under his care, I have not felt this good in at least a decade.

I'm still a work in progress but I feel great which is something that I haven't been able to say in a long time. Dr Serle identified my care needs in order to get my body working in the way it was designed. He doesn't have me taking RXs to treat the symptoms but helps to improve bodily functions, eliminate toxins or restoring my body to work in the way it was designed freed from the root causes of the distress. This is not going to be your usual Dr/medical experience. This is truly a personal health experience. Dr Serle will treat you like the individual you are. He did it for me and the others as you can tell by the testimonies. Don't wait your health can turn around and Dr Serle will help you navigate through your healing process.

Posted By: Renee S.
Asst. Vice-President, Financial Industry, Jacksonville, Florida

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